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1、Product IntroductionGPX08 Series Fiber Distribution Cabinet/Frame has high capacity and coverage, especially suitable for central office relay transmission in various PON network structures, optical branching point or base station in fiber access network, or jump fiber adaption and scheduling among optical transmission node devices, applies to small-sized distributing system for fiber to the zone (FTTZ), fiber to the building (FTTB), remote module and wireless base station.  2、Product Characteristicsn Surface is treated with electrostatic paint, nice shape, high corrosion resistance, color does not fade after long-term use;n Stacking-type structure is used for welding module or welding unit, flexible configuration, supports investment and development at the same time, redu...
1、Product IntroductionGXF08-A Series Traditional Optical Fiber Cable Cross Connection Cabinet is used for formed end and distribution of outdoor optical fiber nodes in optical fiber access network, can easily realize connecting, wiring, distributing and scheduling, usually is used for optical fiber relay and match between central office and access network. It can be installed on floor or wall, hung by pole or overhead, a sharp weapon for various operators to fight for the last kilometer of optical fiber access.     2、 Technical Parameters1、 Physical Parametersn Withstanding voltage level: Withstanding voltage level among grounding device, cabinet and frame is not lower than 3000V(DC), 1min no breakdown, no arcing;n Insulation resistance: Insulation resistance ...
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